Term of Services for Plugins and Scripts

Main Guarantee we provide is the scripts developed are full inhouse and do not contain any malware and the downloads are all from trustworthy sources. We do not allow or authorize anyone to decompile / reverse engineer our products even for our earlier staff/management person who is no longer with us . Please note that our scripts are not open source even if it is sold as free or paid.

Multiple testing of the script is done before launching and most of the test are done on fresh new server setup for the same testing purpose and one or two live production shared servers as well.

Scripts which are given free today can be made commercial once it is completed or have added more functions which needed extensive resources and Under such circumstances, it is possible that your currently installed free script may stop functioning, or can show pending a valid license. If you would like to continue using the script, you will need to purchase a fresh license from us.

All our scripts are sold / given under “as is” condition. We do not take any responsibility for direct or indirect incidental or consequential damages resulting from the usage of our Scripts.

IMP NOTE: Donations / Amount we take for our paid products / plugins are charge of the script / installer we make and not for the software that is installed. The software we use may be of Open source ones or available under GPL license.

Support for the free plugins will be based on availability of free time for the customer support and you can always contact our forum/community support and can get help from some other fellow members as well.

Refund Policy

  • Refund calims for any Service / Plugin / Extension / Donation due to any reason should be claimed before 7 days from the date of purchase of the Service / Plugin / Extension and if some ones fails to do the same, Nixtree is not liable for any refunds.
  • Bulk purchase amount will not be liable for any kind of refunds.
  • All our instant use plugins /scripts are not having any refund policy. Scripts like ntbackup script , ntcpgo script etc falls under this category. We will mention the same in respective pages if that falls under this category.

Contact Us

Please contact us using the contact forum with Plugin Support category selected in the below link

  • If you notice any bugs in any of the scripts or plugins
  • If you have any suggestions with possible codes for the plugin or scripts
  • If you not interested to send us any donation for further development but wish to use the plugin for full free of cost.
  • If you have any feature suggestions
  • If you need any customizations in any of our plugin to suite your needs.
  • If you need any bulk purchase, please contact us with the ip's which you want to get those plugins installed and we will add those ip's to enable the download option.

By clicking on the “Order Now / Get it Now / Buy it Now” button on this website, it is understood that you have read and understood Nixtree End User Agreement, which are as mentioned above.