Server Optimisation

In the world of perfection and competition, every one wish to get the best and maximum out of each box and don't want to waste money on new resources unless that is that much needed. Web hosting Industry is no different. In Web Hosting Industry as well, most of the customers wish to host maximum number of clients in each servers without compromising quality and security of hosting.

For example, most of the clients or hosting install litespeed because that will help to accommodate more customers than they can get from a normal Apache web server. Another example is Mysql Optimization as default options of any of the software installed in this field will not be enough to give the best performance and Optimization is not a one time process. This will have to do periodically as the size of the db and number of db and other load factors like traffic also may have increased over time, so we may have to do periodic optimizations on multiple server softwares.

We do provide such services which includes server wide optimizations in which we will be doing a check on almost all installed softwares and its related logs and and its usage and monitor those in the most peak time of the customers, and then will decide how to get this tackled which can be like changing the server backup timing or change backup types or optimize mysql configurations and its memory usages etc.

Another type of services are more targeted ones which in which we really need to target one specific software like mysql or webserver memory usage and cpu usage etc and make needed changes to fix this like changing the php handlers adding swap etc can be some of them.

If you ever need your server or services optimized, then please contact us using the below custom quote and we can get those fixed if that is fixable.

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