Managed Backup Services

Managed Backups are inevitable part of any Business, no one is immune to hacking and hardware failure issues of the disk. So make sure you have a offshore working backup all the time , at an affordable rate and we try to provide you the same.

Technology and method we use is the below

We use Dirvish in the main server and backups created will be incremental ones as well. Using incremental we will be able to accommodate more days changes and will have a better backup for a wider range of dates. We can exclude or Include any of those server folders as per the customer's request and reduce the disk space to the least needed for account restoration only.


  • Daily Full Disk Backup
  • Backup Retention, according to your requirement
  • Database backups taken separately for easily restore
  • FTP and Rsync access to backups
  • Backups of configuration of accounts for cPanel servers
  • Restoration is easy for single file or multiple files.
  • Notification of backups with the completion status
  • Separate Compressed Mysql database Dumps ran on every night and will get synced those as well.


Bronze - 100 GB


Silver - 250 GB


Gold - 500 GB

The above plans are all based on normal Hosting related ones which includes cPanel || Plesk || Directadmin || Other Free Control panels. Outside these above plans we do mostly Customized Solutions as per the Custom Requirements of the client and we can even make managed / Unmanaged backups as well or Even we can create and setup a Backup Solution with full setup as a one time service and then you can contact us for any further issue if anything comes up and can help on per hour basis.

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