Offer available for all new customers on Server Management Enterprise Edition. If you have more than 5 servers, please get in touch with the sales team to get a bulk discount


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Free Panel Server Management

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    • 24×7 Continuous Server Monitoring with Reboot Assistance
    • 24×7 Tickets Support using Our Helpdesk
    • Unlimited Number of tickets allowed
    • Unlimited Website URL Monitoring (On-Demand)
    • Guaranteed Initial response time 45 Min
    • Unlimited Admin Support Hours Limit *
    • Free Initial Server Hardening 
    • Advanced Server Hardening 
    • Disaster Recovery Management
    • Monthly Security Audit 
    • Backup Configuration (on demand)
    • Weekly Malware Server Scan (on demand)
    • Real Time Malware scanning
    • Weekly Os updates
    • Server Optimization (on demand)
    • Migrations assistance provided
    • Track Spamming and Prevent from Further Spamming

Admin Hours : For the first 3 months, the admin hours has a limit of 5 hours and after that, it will be Unlimited. 

We   manage servers without control panel as well. If you are looking for aws server management, cloud server management, you can get in touch with  us and also you can go through our website for the available plans or you can get in touch with our sales team to get a custom quote if needed.

The offer pricing is available for the next 6 months and after that, the plan will be changed to normal plan.

Affordable cPanel and Plesk Server Management

We are introducing an affordable cpanel and plesk server management plan for the server owners, due to the increasing price hike in License rates and cPanel/Plesk team handling many issues via their support. 


Affordable cPanel and Plesk Server management



This plan is suited for those who are looking for server monitoring and one or two issues per month. If you have multiple domains and need to cover multiple issues on regular basis, then this plan is not suitable for you and you can check our normal server management plans. 


  • 24×7 Continuous Server Monitoring with Reboot Assistance
  • 24×7 Mail Queue Monitoring and Disk Usage Monitoring (Thresold level for both needs to be informed after Signup) 
  • 24×7 Website URL Monitoring (upto 5 Accounts / Urls) 
  • 24×7 Tickets Support using Our Portal
  • Free Initial Server Hardening 
  • Free Weekly MAlware Signatures Update. 
  • Monthly Security Audit and Email notification. 
  • Weekly OS Patching and Reboot Needed Mail Notification.
  • Weekly Full Account Scanning using Custom Signatures and Nix360Eye’s Malware Signatures
  • Daily Scanning for Important Accounts (upto 5 Accounts)
  • Daily Mail Statistics Sent every Evening 5 PM. ( If any suspicious mail accounts with more count, you need to open a ticket with us)
  • Admin Support Hours Limit = 3 Tickets  / 1 Hour Per month (whichever reaches first) 

Additional Ticket / Support packs are Available in case of your custom needs and you only need to pay extra on that time alone like Pay per Job or Pay per Work etc. 

Normally this cpanel and plesk server management plan is not intended for the server owners, who have too many tickets and we basically wish to keep this only for emergencies in which the cpanel support team will be slower to respond and need a faster resolution. If you have more works on monthly basis, you can look for our normal cPanel server management and Plesk Server Management

This plan is mainly for having an eye on server performance and having a contact of server management if and when you have a need. 

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This is a Limited Period offer up to Feb 14, 2023. So Hurry up !!!!!!

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