Dedicated Staffing

Dedicated Staffing means you can use these for multiple purpose. Below are important scenarios in which you can use our Server admins as your own direct staff. They will work on 5 Days a Week on a scale of 8 hours a day.

Best Suited for the below

  • Hosting Owners who need a permanent staff so that he can assign specify tasks, setups etc.
  • Hosting Owners who needs one or 2 shifts covered in the absence of his local techs or his own absence.
  • Hosting Owners who wish to build a dedicated Team for him and his support.
  • Hosting Owners who wish who just needs a monitoring hand and handle just initial responses to client and some basic tasks.

Staff levels available and its rate are below


Dedicated Monitoring Tech

Will handle just Monitoring servers using your own nagios interface


Dedicated L1 tech

Will handle Basic Tickets and Handle Monitoring perfectly


Dedicated L2 tech

Will handle almost all L1 issues and will be handling most of L2 level as well


Dedicated L3 tech

Will be a L3 level tech and will be handling almost all the possible issues


Dedicated Senior Manager

Will act as Manager for the team and he will be responsible for all major decisions taken and will be in direct contact with the Hosting Owner

Please contact Sales team before Ordering and discuss and confirm the same with Sales.

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