About Nixtree Solutions LLP

NixTree Solutions LLP is specialized in providing IT Services around the globe which mainly includes Server Management for Datacenters, Hosting companies and ISPs around the world, Plugin Development for control panel based servers, Server Security Services, Disaster Recovery Service and many other consulting services related to this field.

Our main strength is our experience in the field and our exposure to latest technologies. We maintain a professional touch in our works and dealing with clients and always try to get the work done in the least needed time frames.

We in NixTree try to provide quality support with our skills and technical expertise which in turn makes our customer satisfy. We are committed in providing good quality solutions and make the customers say .They are more worthy than the money we pay them.. We always keep a healthy communication link with our customers which will make them feel better and relaxed even during the most stressful or complex issues.

We have a great team of certified and experienced employees using which we can help our customers to plan and achieve their requirements and goals within the limit of customer's budget. We have a sister concern with the name ServerTechnicians which only focus on providing Server Management Services to Datacenters, Hosting companies and ISPs around the world.

Our Vision

Our business is to deliver quality support to our customers with the help of friendly communication, Team work and using our expertise so that we can meet the client's requirements and needs within the time frame they give us for the work. "Make Customer Happy with Quality Support and get the work completed within the Time frame provided"

Our Mission

Our goal is to provide you the best level of service needed at each time and help you to reduce cost by using latest technologies available in the market and Our Expertise in the respective field without any compromise in quality. "Best Level of service within client's budget without any compromise in Quality"

Our Values

Below are the values which we strictly follow in our company

To our Clients / Customers :

We help our clients to select the most suitable solutions regardless of company's benefits or any personal benefits. We are committed to work with the highest level of professionalism and ethics followed by the industry. We treat all our clients with equal respect even if you are having the lowest level of plan with us. Clients are also a part of our company Tree and our Tree grows as the number of clients grows.We keep the below mentioned values with our clients / Customers and partners

  • Integrity and Respect
  • Honesty and Confidentiality
  • Professionalism in every section
  • Always Committed to Work

To our Employees:

At Nixtree we try to provide the best work environment for the employees. We believe in Team work and hence our office is setup in such a way that employees can see and share their ideas and views and can work as a team whenever needed. This kind of of setup helps to achieve success in faster and effective manner. We appreciate their efforts and rewards them in the year end.

We train the employees in such a way that they will celebrate the successes they make and will try to convert the failures as the stepping stone to success. Employees will get recognized for their efforts and works done for the company for sure and we always try to make them happy.

To our Community:

We try to help / serve our community to the best of our ability and try to maintain a harmony between them and our company.