cPanel Server Management

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cPanel Server Management
Rate $49 / Month
cPanel Server Management

Some of the NixAdmin’s have been handling cPanel from the initial days of its launch and have seen its ups and downs and is well aware how to handle cPanel server in its best capacity and utilize almost all from a cpanel server options as well. We provide cPanel Server Management and all kind of other server administration works related to cPanel and Handling cPanel servers are one of our Main Forte and we train our new NixAdmin’s extensively in cPanel before they start handling live issues under the Seniors.

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Our cPanel Server Management is the best package for those who owns one or more cPanel servers who are hosting personal or business sites and need assistance in Server setups, Server Hardening, Regular patching and other issues they may face from the server time to time.

With this plan they will even get support in detecting Spamming and preventing further damage using our advanced monitoring options and also will be able to help you even in the most bad situations like Server Migrations / Server Os Reload etc.

Hosting Owners can also use this package provided they don't need any direct helpdesk support using their main helpdesk and hosting owner can contact us if he/she needs a help and can use this plan for monitoring and backup for any possible downtime in night or any server wide issues which you may be not that experienced.

We normally do all works related to cPanel and related services and we have such a vast experience pool of techs with us with which we are able to nudge anything and everything humanly possible.

cPanel Server Management

Rate $49 / Month

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Rate $49 / Month