Server Hardening


Hourly server administration plan will help you to complete your one time server admin jobs like 'Server setup', 'Server Hardening', 'Backup configuration', 'Server restorations', 'Server upgrades', 'Hack & Disaster Recovery' etc.

Server Hardening

$20 / Server

Basic services

  • Firewall Installation/Configuration
  • Scanner installation and configuration
  • Software version check - Install ntVersionCheck
  • SSH Hardening
  • Apache Hardening
  • PHP Hardening
  • TMP Hardening
  • Version Checks
  • Linux Socket Monitor
  • Install Logwatch
  • Fix Log rotate
  • Remove unused processes
  • Full OS Patching/Updating
  • Delete unnecessary OS users & Remove SUID/GUID from binaries
  • Apps Settings / Tweak (cPanel Servers)