Server Hardening


Hardening is a must process for any server to help us avoid unwanted access to server , malware attacks and unsolicitated mailing etc and secure server. Our server hardening process includes a total view of server security including all these aspects and helps to prevent the server from almost all kind of Malware attacks and infections.

Hardening levels can be Basic, Advanced and Extended levels which each client should start with our Basic Server Hardening Package where we cover these below areas mainly. For Advanced and Extended Hardening, you need to open a ticket which will be done case based on per hour rate.

Normally we use our below free Security Audit Script - Nixtree Audit Script and then start our basic hardening based on that and then will apply our hardening script as well and then our Final Manual Checks and confirmations.

Server Hardening

$20 / Server

Basic services

  • Firewall Installation/Configuration
  • Scanner installation and configuration
  • Software version check - Install ntVersionCheck
  • SSH Hardening
  • Apache Hardening
  • PHP Hardening
  • TMP Hardening
  • Version Checks
  • Linux Socket Monitor
  • Install Logwatch
  • Fix Log rotate
  • Remove unused processes
  • Full OS Patching/Updating
  • Delete unnecessary OS users & Remove SUID/GUID from binaries
  • Apps Settings / Tweak (cPanel Servers)