Steps to revert the changes made by the live transfer feature in the transfer tool

Steps to revert the changes made by the live transfer feature in the cPanel transfer tool

cPanel Live Transfers result in the suspending of accounts on the source server, services are proxied to the destination server, MX is redirected to the destination server, and DNS is also updated to the destination server.

To revert the changes made by Live Transfer, perform the following steps on the source server:

1. Unsuspend the account.

Use either of the following methods:

A: The unuspendacct script.
# /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/unsuspendacct [account] [options]

Eg: # /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/unsuspendacct username –retain-service-proxies
unsuspends the username account and retains its service proxies

B: WHM’s Manage Account Suspension interface (WHM >> Home >> Account Functions >> Manage Account Suspension).

2. Manually unset the service proxies using the unset_all_service_proxy_backends WHM API call:

whmapi1 unset_all_service_proxy_backends username=$USER

3. Remove the dynamic content blocks in .htaccess with the following command.

# /scripts/xfertool –unblockdynamiccontent $username

4. Remove the manual MX redirects that the Live Transfer option created.

Run this command for every domain that used the Live Transfer option:
# whmapi1 unset_manual_mx_redirects domain=domain.tld

5. Update the DNS records to point back to the source server.

Point the A records for any proxied accounts to the source server.
Use either of the following methods:

A: The swapip script.
# /usr/local/cpanel/bin/swapip [sourceip] [destip] [ftpip] [domains]

Eg: # /usr/local/cpanel/bin/swapip
The following example changes the IP address (A record) in the DNS zone file for the domain.
It uses the IPv4 address to point HTTP and FTP requests to the IPv4 address.

If the script succeeds, the output will look like the following:
# The system updated “1” entry.
If the script fails, it returns an error message that looks like the following:
# Error: domains missing

B: WHM’s DNS Zone Manager interface (WHM >> Home >> DNS Functions >> DNS Zone Manager).

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