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Web Server Security

Importance of Server Security in web hosting industry

Importance of Server Security in web hosting industry

Nowadays hacking is one of the main issue faced by the web hosting industry and due to this, the site’s reputation will go down. Also, it will affect the webserver IP’s reputation too. So web server security is very important. The server administrator will secure server to avoid losing the reputation.

After Effects of Hacks

Some hackers have hacked the site for fun and leave. But some others hacked the site and upload spamming scripts and send spam emails or upload vulnerable files and start making an attack to other sites. In effect, the provider who is affecting will raise a complaint against the web server, which is hacked and started the malicious activity. If we didn’t fix the vulnerability within the time, our provider will suspend or terminate the server based on their abuse policy. Also, it will bring down the reputation of the server IP, due to the spamming or other malicious activity and that will affect the other sites hosted in the same IP. Continue reading


Danger behind cPanel account restore – Shared hosts..be careful!

Today I have been playing with my test cPanel server. I thought to have some look into the reseller settings today and I found a serious anomaly while my works. On now..what it is…

I know very rarely we need the “All Features (warning: total and complete access)” privilege granted for a reseller. Because that privilege will give root level access to the reseller on the server, which is not allowed. So generally no-one with a root level WHM access is not able to create a reseller with all privileges. So it is obvious that anyone with root privilege ( like VPS owners ) can create “all privilege” reseller. Now what happened when we restore such a reseller to a server? What changes does it make compared to a normal user or a reseller without any privilege? So far I couldn’t find any. I couldn’t find any specific messages or difference in restore process for a normal user, reseller without “all” privilege” or with “all” privilege. I could find the following common message only with any of them ( in fact the admins I found don’t worry about the restore messages until they find any specific error while restoration ) Continue reading


ntVersionCheck : New release v1.1.0

cPanel plugin for finding the outdated applications in the server. Currently the plugin is configured for wordpress and joomla installations.


  • Find all outdated wordpress and joomla applications in the cPanel Server
  • Display the wordpress and joomla versions with color difference for visibility
  • News, Announce the latest news related with application vulnerabilities and plugin updates
  • The installations are grouped by user and reseller wise
  • One click update available for future releases Continue reading

WordPress – Some quick notes!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a well known PHP based CMS with MySQL back-end, mostly used to build blogs. In addition to develop blogs, WordPress is commonly used to develop websites as well. Even though the WordPress is build as a blog software, it is very flexible and we can develop beautiful websites with it. There are millions of WordPress powered websites run in Internet now. It built in plug-in architecture and a template system.


1. Customization :- As WordPress is built and operates based on a template system, it provides lots of opening to customize your web pages.

2. Dashboard :- The dashboard of WordPress is quiet nice and very user friendly. Among the other CMSes available in the market, it is very simple but powerful and can be managed even by a newbie easily.

3. Themes :- We can easily switch WordPress themes. There are thousands of themes available in the market; both free and paid versions. As it is a very popular application, your search for good theme will end up in a good result.

4. Plugins :- Plugin support is another big advantage of WordPress. You can find almost all types of your plugin needs with WordPress. Due to its wide range of user-base, plugin development and maintenance is very active in the community.

Continue reading