Setup IM client for Kayako Live Chat

Here I am writing a short guide to setup IM client for Kayako live chat, as I feel the instructions in their website is little confusing. Setting up IM ( XMPP ) live chat client is very helpful for people, whom are using Linux as there is no official Live Cht client for Linux yet.

To start with the configuration, you need to install an IM client first. I use Pidgin on my system and it is one of my personl favourites.

Next you need to register your throaway FQDN for your heldesk. You can do it from ; make sure you have a valid to login their system. Additionally inster your helpdesk URL with “https” if you have SSL installed for your helpdesk; otherwise you will not be able to add encryption support to the chat.

Once the FQDN is generated, copy it out.

Now open your IM client and add a new Account. Fill in the values as following.

Username :- Your helpdek user name
Domain :- FQDN generated from
Password :- Your helpdesk password
Connect Server :-
Connect Port :- 5222
Connection Security :- Require Encryption ( if you have https enabled ; else use “Use encryption if it is available” )

Thats it! Enable account and enjoy the live chat facility 🙂

To read more about the instructions and tips to handle chats, please have a look at

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