Removal of ntPHPselector residues from EA3 installation

I noticed few users have raised a request for the removal of old plugin, since they migrated to EA4 without removing the old plugin. Here we are providing a solution for the removal of ntphpselector residue files from the server.  Few of them contacted us for the removal and we helped them for the removal. A system admin can easily done this by checking our plugin installation/uninstallation script.  

ntPHPselector plugin allows user to select preferred PHP version per directory on the same domain.  The plugin is available with EA3 and EA4. Old one is free of cost and you can download and install it for free. You can check more about the plugin from here.

ntPHPselector – EA3

Once cPanel EA3 is converted to EA4, the installation and setups are entirely different, so we rewrite our plugin and launched with new features. In order to compensate the development cost, we are adding a small amount of yearly subscription to our plugin. You can check more about the plugin from the following link. 

ntPHPselector – EA4

You can feel free to check our old article about Migrating EA3 to EA4 and conversion of old ntPHPselector to new one. You need to uninstall old plugin before migrating from EA3 to EA4. 

Migrate EasyApache 3 to EasyApache 4 and ntPHPselector Installation

For now, we have setup a script for the removal of ntPHPselector plugin residue files from old installation. You can download it and run in your server to remove the entries. 

Click here to Download

Note: Use this script only if you are not using the latest ntPHPselector-ea4 plugin. Please use this script at your own risk.  Please contact our support, if you need to remove the plugin files from EA4 server with latest ntPHPselector plugin installed. 

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