ntDNScheck new version released.

ntDNScheck – A DNS report plugin to verify the dns reports for the domains easily.

ntDNScheck plugin will prepare a dns report for the domains in the server. It will help the administrator to check the domains with local and remote name servers, local and remote mail servers. Also, it will help to identify the remote domains. It also provides an option to list down the domains using Cloudflare name servers.

The main use of the plugin ntDNScheck is to analyze the dns report for the domains and correct the issues. Also, it will help the administrators to identify the domain status for migrating data and mails without data loss.

[+] You can track the accounts/domains which are using remote resources and can be deleted from the servers.
[+] A full dns report of all the domains in the server
[+] Domains grouped based on local and remote NS and MX
[+] Report for single domain for detailed investigation.
[+] User friendly WHM interface for showing the reports.
[+] Cloudflare name servers are separately grouped.

How to get the TRIAL for ntDNScheck? 

GET TRIAL using the code “NTDNSTRIAL

Users will get installation instructions via mail after the successful order. If anyone need installation assistance, you can contact our support for the installation assistance. Since some admin hours spent on the installation, we will charge $10 for the onetime installation support. And the installation support is not refundable in any chance.

After the TRIAL, you can opt a monthly or yearly option. 

$2 per month 

$12 per year ( 50% discount for Yearly Purchase ) 

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