ntPHPselector :: Released v1.0.0

ntPHPselector plugin allows user to select preferred PHP version per directory on the same domain.


  • Select preferred PHP version per directory on the same domain.
  • Use mulitple versions of php in the same domain itself
  • Easy Access to 4 different versions of PHP
  • User friendly user interface
  • Install additional PHPs completely independent of cPane’s PHP
  • Simple back-end logic; can be understand / troubleshoot anyone who knows basic Linux
  • Installation is quite simple
  • Integrated to cPanel’s PHP configuration. Any additional modules added to default PHP can be added to additional PHP simply by using recompile option of the manage script.
  • Recompile option for single PHP version is available
  • Choose the latest versions for each additional PHP version based on the EA3 profile,
  • Custom additions to the package will be added based on request / feedback
  • One Click remove for the configuration in the preferred directory
  • Complete uninstallation is very easy.

Click here to get more details about the plugin.

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