Mail bouncing from Microsoft’s Exchange email service in Plesk

Mails from microsoft exchange email services are failed in plesk (qmail). Upon investigation we found that the grey list filter in plesk 10 is blocking server that are on “dsl|pool|broadband|hsd” address ranges. In this case it would be Microsofts cloud anti-spam service that is on “pool” addresses.

Some Microsofts cloud anti-spam servers are;

Log entries are like this

Sep 26 09:51:42 mail001 qmail-queue-handlers[12520]:
Sep 26 09:51:42 mail001 greylisting filter[12521]: list type: black, from:, match string: dsl|pool|broadband|hsd
Sep 26 09:51:42 mail001 qmail-queue-handlers[12520]: handlers_stderr: REJECT
Sep 26 09:51:42 mail001 qmail-queue-handlers[12520]: REJECT during call 'grey' handler

From the Plesk control panel there are very few settings for the greylist filter like turn the filter on/off and manage white/black list entries.

The following command will show the configuraton for the gery list filter

/usr/local/psa/bin/grey_listing --info-server

We will get more information to configure grey list filter using ‘-h’ option

/usr/local/psa/bin/grey_listing -h

We can solve the problem by whitelisting “*” in “White domains patterns list” using the following command

/usr/local/psa/bin/grey_listing --update-server -domains-whitelist "add:*"

The mails from Microsoft exchange email service will work fine after that.

You can refer Parallels Knowledgebase Article for How to configure Greylisting

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