How to change the Notifications Email’s Subject in Plesk.

Last day one of client asked me about this and on checking I can see the pre defined notification email has edit option for the body but not for the Subject.

To get this done, we may need to access the plesk database and change the Subject of the desired notification from “psa.notification” table

Before you start working on this, always take a mysqldump for “psa” so that if any thing goes wrong, you can simply restore from the backup.

From command line , please give the below command to get a psa backup

# mysqldump -u admin -p`cat /etc/psa/.psa.shadow` psa >

After that you can access and alter the contents using mysql console or using Phpmyadmin. If you are not good in mysql commands and syntax, then please use phpMyadmin as it is rather simpler than commands

1. Open Phpmyadmin from plesk server

Home >Tools & Settings > Database servers and click on Right most small icon “Access this server via DB Webadmin” .

This will give you a pop-up window for phpmyadmin ( you may need to allow pop-up for this server or fully for the browser)

2. Select the Notifications Table and click on that

3. You can see a list of entries and you need to change the Subject valuse using the “Edit” feature and save and table once you complete making the changes.

This should have changed the Subject in plesk notifications sections.

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