Recompile PHP 5.3 in ntPHPselector version 4

ntPHPselector plugin allows user to select preferred PHP version per directory on the same domain. Our new ntPHPselector version 4  released for the cPanel servers with EasyApache 4 version, which support php versions 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0 and 7.1. By default 5.3 is disabled. You need to recompile it after enabling it from “Settings” tab after the installation.

ntPHPselector manually recompile the php version 5.3, since it is removed from EasyApache 4. You need to recompile the php version 5.3 using from your end using the interface available inntPHPselector WHM module. 

You can enable php 5.3 and recompile the custom php using the following steps.

  • Login into WHM
  • Go to ntPHPselector pluin page
  • Click on “Settings”
  • Click on “Enable” for the PHP 5.3 support.

Most of the users are not interested to install an older version of PHP in the server. The users still use the older version due to the incompatibility of the applications with the later php’s. I suggest to schedule the upgrade of the applications to support the the latest version of PHP. if you can’t do this immediately, take some time and gradually schedule the upgrade and avoid using the older versions of PHP.

By default the “PHP” tab will be in hidden state. The enable PHP 5.3 support option in the ntPHPselector plugin will make it visible.  After enabling the PHP 5.3 support, you can use the tab for recompiling the php.

  • Click on “PHP” tab
  • Select the required modules and Click on “Submit”
  • After clicking the “Submit”, it will show a preview of the configure command and you can verify the following configure command and make necessary modification by going back to the ‘PHP’ tab or you can proceed with the recompilation.
  • Click on “Recompile” to recompile the PHP.

The recompilation will start in background and you can check the status by checking the logs from the tab “Logs”

You have 3 groups of module lists to enable or disable.

Included with the php installation

These are bundled with the PHP installation. You can disable this modules by using “–disable” option.

Modules which are enabled by default with ntPHPselector

These lists are the module list enabled by default by us, we use this list by analyzing the usages of different applications and users in different servers. You can disable any specific module from this list by untick the list.

You can add custom modules, which are not listed in the above list

The module list is not present in the above list, you may need to check the php configuration documentation and add the option to enable the specific module. Like “–disable-filter” or “–enable-xxx”.

Note: If you are not familiar with the recompilation of php’s. Please use the default modules listed in the “PHP” tab. For addition of more modules, you need to check with the help of an experienced hand to do the job. 

The recompilation tested in different test environments. So if any of the servers are facing issues with the recompilation is due to some custom settings or module lists used in the server. Check the recompilation logs and fix the error with the recompilation.

For any server management queries, you can check our cPanel server management support.  Or you can get in touch with us for onetime works

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