ntPHPSelector update – Zend / Ioncube extension support

While our testing, we have noticed the installation is broken on some systems due to the modification that we have tested to extend support for PHP 5.2 after it is removed from EasyApache. The bug is there over a week and our apologies if anyone faced issues to install ntPHPSelector. It is fixed now and the installation will run fine with the current install script.

Additionally we have written a script to install Ioncube and Zend to additional PHPs. It can be installed via running the following commands.

wget http://nixtree.com/download/free/ntphpextension.sh
sh ntphpextension.sh
Current users – please download new ntphpselector_manage.sh script ( http://nixtree.com/download/free/ntp…ctor_manage.sh ) and recompile PHP version 5.2 with the new script( iff it is installed via ntPHPSelector ) before installing Zend / Ioncube.

Thank you for using ntPHPSelector.

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