ntPHPSelector – short_open_tag

I have noticed many users are reporting miscellaneous issues ( like PHP blank pages ) after switching to additional PHPs. Even many of them could not get phpinfo() working on their custom PHP versions. It is unusual and once ntPHPSelector is installed properly on your server, it should server without any problem. So the first thing you should ensure is, your PHP page should start with <?php . That is because “short_open_tag” is disabled by default in the additional PHP versions by default. So you can either modify your PHP script to have <?php at the beginning or turn on “short_open_tag” in the respective php.in files. Make sure to restart Apache, if you modify php.ini file. Given below are the global php.ini , for the respective versions.

PHP 5.2 /opt/ntphp/php52/lib/php.ini

PHP 5.3 /opt/ntphp/php53/lib/php.ini

PHP 5.4 /opt/ntphp/php54/lib/php.ini

PHP 5.5 /opt/ntphp/php55/lib/php.ini

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