How to delist in major email providers


The companies that do business online always has this major concern of ensuring that their emails dont ending up in spam. Different email providers will have different set of rules to get the IP delisted from their database. We will discuss the procedure to delist from 5 major email providers.

AOL Delist procedure

If you are blacklisted in AOL and want to do perform a delist, you can perform below steps to remove yourself from that.

  • Check the server if it compromised and make sure it is not sending out spam emails
  • Check for malware scripts in the server(Ensure there are no outdated CMS/plugins/themes)
  • If there is any issues detected, take the necessary actions before going for delist

Please send a request from to delist the IP along with the measures taken.


Outlook/Hotmail Delist procedure

Please scan your server and take action against any ongoing spamming before delist.

  • Go to the link and fill in your email address and blacklisted IP address
  • Confirm the email address by clicking the verification link send to your email id
  • Click on the link provided to proceed with delist
  • Fill in the details related to the IP and submit.
  • The support team will review your request and contact you via email id for further information, if required.
  • Be sure to take the note of the support request number alloted

Make sure to provide recipient domain as outlook/hotmail as per your requirement.

It will take a couple days for the outlook to get back to you with an update.

Gmail Delist procedure

As a 1st step, check the server and get rid of any existing email spamming issues. Also add proper DKIM and SPF records.

  • Go to the link and fill in the details.
  • Paste a recent mail delivery full header log.
  • Google will revert to you in one week, after checking the mailing activities in the server using their algorithms.

Yahoo Delist Procedure

Be sure to analyze the server and to find out why you were listed and then go for delist.

Please check and correct the below mentioned things.

DNS records:

  • Reverse DNS exist and it resolves to hostname
  • Avoid using generic hostname
  • Hostname should have an A record
  • SPF is valid
  • DKIM is valid

Remove the IP from spamhaus blacklisted, if blocked. This is necessary because yahoo uses spamhaus. After that you need to complete yahoo bulk sender form

Add more details to your delist request by speaking about the measures taken as remedy.


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