FTP Icon missing in cpanel accounts

Last day I had a strange issue with ftp icon in cpanel accounts. Every cpanel account is missing the ftp related icons.

In such situation, please follow the below steps

1. Double check whether “Ftp Account Manager” and “Ftp Settings” are enabled in the feature list used by the package assigned to the account.

2. Double check these features are not disabled in the disabled feature list also.

3. If steps 1 and 2 are fine, then most probably the issue is related to missing 0-byte file located in /var/cpanel/dynamicui/ftp. For the ftp icons in the cpanel accounts, there must be an empty file named “ftp” in the /var/cpanel/dynamicui/ location.

If it is missing, then you can create the same using below command.

# touch /var/cpanel/dynamicui/ftp

After this everything should be fine. If you still face such issue, you may need to contact cpanel support team for further investigation.

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