Budget Linux Server Management

Budget Server Management Plans at $30

Our budget server management plans provide server monitoring and proactive support for cPanel, Plesk and Directadmin control panels.

These plans are mainly focused for server owners with one or two servers and looking for continuous server monitoring and proactive support. We are offering 24/7 server monitoring with reboot assistance and proactive server management for $30.  The admin hours allowed for this plan are 2 hours. You can check more details about, how the admin hours are calculated from here. For a server with fewer works, 2 hours is fine for you. If you having more server management works, then you can check our Enterprise server management plans. 

Budget cPanel Server management. 

cPanel is the most used control panel in the hosting industry. You can check our website for more details about the cPanel server management plans. 

Budget cPanel Server Management – $30 / Month

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The basic edition is for the users with less work related to the servers. And it is suitable for server owners with one or two websites with a moderate amount of work. 

Budget Plesk Server Management 

If you are using the plesk control panel, you can check our normal “Plesk Server Management” for more details. And if your work-related with the server is very less, you can use our “Budget Plesk Server Management” 

Budget Plesk Server Management – $30 / Month

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Budget Directadmin Server Management

If you are using directadmin control panels, you can check our normal “Directadmin Server Management” for more details. And for the users looking for budget plans, you can refer here. 

Budget Directadmin Server Management – $30 / Month

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Benefits using budget server management plans with Nixtree. 

We are offering the following features for all these server management plans. 

  • 24×7 Continuous Server Monitoring with Reboot Assistance
  • Individual login to the monitoring system to see servers status
  • 24×7 Tickets Support using Our Helpdesk
  • Unlimited Number of tickets allowed
  • 3 Website URL Monitoring (On-Demand)
  • Free Initial Server Hardening using our Script on signup
  • Disaster Recovery Management* 
  • Monthly Security Audit using our Script
  • Backup Configuration (on demand)
  • Weekly Malware Server Scan (on demand)
  • Weekly Os updates
  • Server Optimization (on demand)
  • Server / Account level Migrations assistance provided
  • Track Spamming and Prevent from Further Spamming
  • Help in analyzing issues and give proper guidance for your third party applications
  • 45 minutes Guaranteed Initial response time
  • 2 Admin Support Hours Limit*, mode details here

*All the works are included in the 2 hours admin hours and if the work crossed the admin hours, the sales team will get back to you and discuss the additional work. Normally we will bill for additional hours based on our “Hourly server management plan” or defined rate with the customer before signup. 

What are the other services offered under server management? 

Some of our customers are having servers without control panels and We set up the custom environment for them to get maximum performance by utilizing the resources. Which include Nginx + PHP FPM, Litespeed servers, AWS Servers, Cloud Servers (Google Cloud, Azure Servers), Digital ocean stacks, etc. 

If you are looking for custom server management, you can check with our sales for a custom quote. If your server is already set up, we can share the details and we will manage your server for you. Or looking for setting up a new environment, you can share your concerns with our experts in designing the servers And they will check it and get back to you with a server design. 

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ) 

  • Does this plan have unlimited ticket support?

All the budget server management plans are limited with admin hours instead of tickets.  Here 2 hours admin hours are allocated for the plan. You can check here to know how we are calculating the admin hours. 

  • Can you give us unlimited support with this plan after completing 3 months with you as said in the Enterprise cpanel server management plan?

No, this is a budget plan and for this limited amount, we cannot give unlimited support. 

  • I currently have 4 servers. can you manage all 4 servers with this plan if my support hours for all these servers don’t exceed 2 hours?

No, this is for a single server. If you have 4 servers, you will get a total of 8 hours of support time and we will calculate this 8 hours for you, not calculated on an individual server basis. If you have 5 or more servers, please get in touch with sales for any discounted pricing.  

  • I have 4 servers but no need for these full server management features so we are able to purchase this plan?

Please discuss with sales to get a custom quote for your servers. 

  • Can you provide the monthly health status of my server every month?

Yes, we will do a monthly server audit and send you the monthly report to your email.

  • Can you provide per-minute billing after the given admin hours are over from this plan?

No, it is calculated on an hourly basis. The sales team will check the usage and round the admin hours and bill it accordingly. If the usage increased for one month only, sometimes the extra billing will be waived, but it is the discretion of the salesperson. 

  • All the works are included in the 2 hours admin hours? Like the initial set up/ on-demand set up for my server, url monitoring, weekly scan, etc. 

Yes, all these works are included in these 2 hours. We have some checklists and we are doing the same all the time, so we can do this with less time. Whatever work we did for you was added to your account and it is calculated at the end of the month. 

  • Explain more about reboot assistance? 

This plan includes server monitoring, so if the server went down, we will reboot the server by login into the server provider login on behalf of you, only if you have access to the server provider login.  With this option, you don’t need to worry about the uptime of the server. 

  • If there is any urgent work like bulk migration, how does it count? 

You need to check with the sales and get a quote for the same. We surely provide you with a discounted rate. 

  • Server migration assistance will be included in this allowed admin hours (2 hours)?

yes, it is included. But usage should keep under 2 hours, if exceeded, you will get an extra bill based on the usage. So better check with sales to get a discounted pricing for the additional work. 

  • What do you mean by “Disaster Recovery Management”?

This include situation like the hard drive crash or server failure etc. In those cases, we will help you to restore the server to bring back online based on the availability of data, like restore from backup or old hard drive. Based on the time, it will come with extra billing at discounted price. 

  • What about the cost of “on-demand” services like optimization, Malware Scanner? 

We will do these works included in this plan since these are time-consuming tasks, so based on the admin hours spent, you will get extra billing for the same.  

  • Is there any deduction if the “On-demand” features are not used. 

No, we are calculating the admin hours spent on your work. There is no deduction in payment for not using “On-demand” tasks and unused admin hours too. And if the usage is less than 2 hours for consecutive months and exceeded only in one month, the sales team will wave off the extra bill for that month. 

  • Any remote access support like Teamviewer/any desk or call?

No, we will give email support only. In critical cases, help via live chat too. 

  • Do you provide Skype support in this plan? 

No, we will give email support only. In critical cases, help via live chat too. 

  • Any development support?

No development support is included, if there is any issue that needs developer assistance, you need to check it from your end by hiring freelancers or your local developer. 

  • Any CMS support?

We give support to common CMS like wordpress, Joomla, Magento, etc. But if any issue needs developer assistance, you need to check it at your end. 

  • Any auto-billing option is available?

Monthly billing is automated and you will get an invoice one week before, so you can make payment before the due date. Extra billing will be sent by the sales team after analyzing the usage. 

  • Any additional offer for advanced billing?

All our plans are advanced like your service will be started only the payment is completed. At the moment, only a monthly option for billing. There is no half-year or yearly option now. 

  • Would you provide support for free panel servers in this plan?

No, this plan is for cPanel, Plesk, and Directadmin servers only.  

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