Admin hours calculation in Nixtree

All our server management, as well as outsourced plans, are limited by the admin hours. As you know all the unlimited hosting plans come with some sort of limitations, but here we are directly telling you that all our plans are limited with admin hours. Please go through this article to get more ideas about the admin hours calculations with Nixtree. 

Why our plans are limited with admin hours? 

Our main aim is Quality at its top. So we are limiting the admin hours for all our support plans. If anyone provides unlimited support, you should carefully read the TOS before purchasing, since they added limitations to some issues or cases. No one can provide unlimited support for a limited amount.  And the word Unlimited is used as just a ruse to attract you. 

We are not using the word “Unlimited Support” in any of our plans other than the “Enterprise cPanel server management plan”.  And that too after completing three months with us. 

What are admin hours?

Admin hours are the time spent on a ticket/issue to troubleshoot and resolve the issues.  Time is money and based on the work in a team, we are allocating manpower to the team. If the workload increases we need to add manpower to the team for the proper running of the team without losing the quality of the work. The workload is calculated on the basis of admin hours,  so if admin hours increased, we need to spend more manpower and that is the main reason why we stick with the admin hours limit in all our plans. 

How it is calculated?

In server management, we are dealing the customer issues via tickets and server monitoring using our monitoring system. Also need to do some routine server management audits too. By including all these we are calculating the admin hours in the following way. 

Ticket1: A ticket to migrate one site.  The technician needs 20 minutes to complete the migration. This includes copying the site, which includes the migration, site verification, and fixing some post-migration issues. This 20 minutes added to the internal work report system. 

Ticket2: It is an IP block issue and the technician resolved it in 5 minutes. 

Ticket3: It is a website hack issue. It may take around 1 hour for checking the hack and find the way it was infected, resolve the issue by restoring from backup or clear the infected code, and implement the prevention method. 

Monitoring: One DDOS attack to server. We get an alert from monitoring and it takes 10 minutes to resolve. (These are for showcase purpose, real usage may vary based on the issue occurred. ). 

So at the end, we will add  Ticket1 + Ticket2 + Ticket3 + Monitoring ( 20 + 5 + 60 + 10 = 95 minutes , 1 hour 35 minutes ) 

Why admin hours implemented? 

In the initial period of Nixtree, we didn’t limit the customers with the admin hours and some of them misuse the same by giving too much work. So after analyzing the usages, we revamp the plans with the admin hours limits, and all our customers agree with these admin hours.  As we said, most of our plans are apt for normal per-server management. In the case of shared team plans, we have some cheap plans which are starting from $30 and which is beneficial for startups, which need 24/7 support and very limited tickets like 5 to 10 tickets per month. 

Note: Plan Limit is either ”Number of Tickets” or “Admin Support Hours limit” whichever reaches First.

Our main focus is admin hours like the disk space available in the hosting account. For 1 admin hour, you can open 6 tickets that consume 10 minutes each, and open 3 tickets that consume 20 minutes per each.  We cannot say a predefined time usage of each issue, since each issue is different and the time taken depends on the situation.

What happened if admin hours crossed? 

Once the customer reached 90% of admin hours, we will notify the customer about the same and bill them for the additional admin hours. Normal additional billing is based on $20 per hour.  

If any customer crossed the limit, the sales team will review the usage and process the extra billing and in some cases, it may discounted. Before that we will collect the approval from the customer, whether we need to continue or stop the work, if the admin hours crossed.  

In shared team plans, Most of them take a base plan ( After analyzing the older usage )  and pay additional for the extra hours.  In this case, most of the months the usage comes under the plan. And only a few months they may need to pay the additional bills. Based on the extra bill frequency, the sales team will contact you with suggesting the plan upgrade. 

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