Top 10 advantages of cPanel Hosting

Top 10 Advantages of cPanel Hosting

Importance of Control panels in the Hosting Industry

The hosting Industry is nowadays is extremely vast and there exists a tight competition between Service Providers, Control Panel Providers, and Cloud providers. Control panels are Software that acts as a front end to the software running in the server command line backend. They help server owners to get things done in a simpler manner and can reduce the dependency on Server admins for each and every small work as a service restart when it is not working. cPanel Hosting is a simple way to start a business for a starter entrepreneur. 

Control panels are nowadays very important as not every server owner can afford to have a team or hire a server admin company. Again every hosting company may also need to support each and every request which customers may raise and it is good to leave these aspects to the customer itself, empowering them via a small user-level interface and Admin-level interface for Techs/Server Owners/Hosting Managers among others. These control panels will help the users to gain access to a proper web interface and customers can access them at any place and make changes as per their requirements even without any extra software installed in a remote machine.

cPanel Hosting and Plesk Hosting are two very popular control panels which compete with each other very tightly. Among these, in our opinion, cPanel hosting control panel is the clear winner at the moment due to its large share of user base and also due to its extensive support features. cPanel Hosting helps customers/Resellers owners/Server Owners and companies as well to integrate most of the billing panels as well. 

Both cPanel and Plesk have almost similar set of features and usages. Here we are discussing with the cPanel Hosting Control panel advantages:

Main advantages of cPanel Hosting

  1. Simple Installation steps -cPanel Hosting Control panel can be installed in a few simple steps. 
  2. Post Install Procedure is also very simple and we have a wide range of selection options on various software which have a clear mention of its advantages and disadvantages. For ex: You have options to select Proftp/Pureftpd for ftp server, named/PowerDNS/mydns for DNS server, etc. This is normally not seen in other control panels. 
  3. Enhanced compatibility with billing panels: cPanel Hosting panels are compatible and can be integrated with most of the common billing panels like WHMCS, BLESTA, ClientExec in simple steps. 
  4. Easy way to automate customer additions: The above advantage makes hosting owners to automate new customer additions and setups and no need to do anything manually on a new sign up. 
  5. Simple and Userfriendly interface: cPanel Hosting Panel is having a very simple user interface which has everything mentioned clearly in the documentation using which anyone can study this panel in a few hours
  6. Vast Documentation Resources: Another added advantage of cPanel hosting is vast documentation available online by various techs and authors which will help them in the time of needs.
  7. Interactive cPanel Community  – cPanel Forum is also a great place to interact with Cpanel techs and other Cpanel users and they also will share their views about the issues which you may be facing.
  8. Site Software Feature: Another important feature is Site Software feature using which Cpanel users can install software and keep them updated in simple clicks. 
  9. Multiple Backup options for cPanel hosting control panel is another added advantage. You can have compressed/Uncompressed/Incremental options with Daily/Weekly/Monthly retention periods. You can see more details from Here
  10. Compatibility with PCI certification process: Yet Another advantage of cpanel hosting panel is its compatibility with PCI certification process and inbuilt options for higher security. In a cpanel server, you can make it PCI certified in very few steps. 

As you can see cPanel offers some definite advantages for its users for being extremely user-friendly, responsive, and well-structured. These features make it a comprehensive web host for all professional IT experts, enabling innovative ways of usage and a better scale of intuitiveness. Moreover, users do not have to be highly tech-savvy to be able to use this web hosting server. Understanding its features will be beneficial to offer enhanced user experience for website visitors and for managing the website much better. 

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