Zamfoo integration on WHM/cPanel

Zamfoo is an application plugin which enhances 'Reseller center' functionalities in the WHM. By this you can avoid the necesssity of purchasing a dedicated server to meet the requirements. This is a third party sub-reseller plugin for cPanel/WHM and it extends the capabilities of WHM.

Zamfoo is a licensed application and thus you need to purchase the license from their website to obtain the license key. After getting the license key, you can start with the installation.
You need to login to the server via SSH for installation.

# cd /usr/src/ Use this command to download latest Zamfoo version # wget Run this command to extract the downloaded file # tar -xvf zamfoo_installer.tar Give executable permission to the installation script # chmod 755 runme.cgi Enter the following command to run the installer. # ./runme.cgi During the installation it will ask for the License key, Enter the key: # license="License key" After entering the license key, press CTRL + X and then Save it.
Create an WHM(Reseller) Account using Zamfoo
To creating a Reseller (WHM) account using Zamfoo Master Reseller.
* Creating a Hosting Package in WHM
  • Login to your WHM account
  • From the left navigation pane, click on “Add New Package”
  • Fill-up the form with your desired resources for the package such as disk space, bandwidth, etc
  • Don’t forget to tick
  • Click save, and take note of the package name you’ve created
* Creating a Reseller (WHM) package in Zamfoo Master Reseller
  • On WHM, From the left navigation pane, click on “Zamfoo Master Reseller”
  • Click on “Set/Remove WHM Autogrant”. This will allow you to grant reseller privileges to the package you’ve created earlier.
  • Choose the package name that you would like to give reseller privileges and click on “Add/Set Autogrant”. All accounts created under that package name will be Reseller account and will have access to WHM
Zamfoo is a third-party product that is not part of the default cPanel installation. It can be integrated to billing application like WHMCS to automate the task of account creation. If you experience any issues after following, get our support assistance.
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