cPanel License Price Hike and Alternatives

Migration of accounts from cPanel to directadmin

Now a days cPanel is the commonly used control panel in hosting industry. Recent price hike in the license price for the cPanel causing burden to the startup hosting companies and providers who are providing cheap hosting solutions. In order to compensate the same, they are looking for the alternatives and directadmin is one of the alternative which help for the hosting companies to handle the accounts. I am discussing the migration of accounts from cpanel to directadmin is discussed in this article.

Why choose DirectAdmin?

DirectAdmin is the simplest but powerful yet cheap WebHosting control panel available in the market today. Many users who have been using cPanel for years have now chosen to switch to DirectAdmin. Customers who want to host websites and applications on servers as well to resell accounts can automate the process as well as control the user management from a web interface like cPanel. DirectAdmin became more popular when cPanel increased license price.

Why not Plesk?

cPanel is acquired by a group of investors led by Oakley Capital. The group also owns Plesk too. So both plesk and cpanel are come under same owner, so chances are hiking the price of plesk too in the coming future. By comparing the price of cpanel, plesk and directadmin, directadmin will give the lowest pricing.

Pricing details of each panel is discussed here;

cPanel pricing details –

Plesk pricing details –

Directadmin pricing details –

As you can see, for someone who wants to set up a server with an economically manageable control interface, they would choose DirectAdmin over other panels. Once the directadmin is installed and configured, the management and working is easy like cpanel itself.

You can review the documentation of the directadmin from the following link, which will help to manage it.

So, the only task which is one step away from switching is migration of accounts from old panel to directadmin.

As always migration of accounts between different control panels is little risky and suggested to do by an experienced system administrator. By doing proper planning and analysis, we can reduce the risk involved in the migration process.

We have our experienced engineers who handle these kinds of tasks on a daily basis. You can check our server management plans for doing the migration process and further management for the server. A short overview of the migration of accounts to directadmin is here;

There are two ways to carry out cPanel to DirectAdmin migration as per the situation which is provided by the customer:

Via command-line interface; This case is applicable when we have root access to WHM and SSH

Requirement analysis processed before handling the migration of accounts, otherwise it will cause issues and causing downtime to the accounts. We will have to take some preliminary measures before doing this process. Such as checking the specification, license and IP details, etc.

The first step to migration is, copying the cPanel account backups to the DirectAdmin server. We will use a separate folder to manage these backups.

The next step is the conversion of cPanel backups to DirectAdmin compatible one. We will use a conversion tool to achieve this.

There are tools available to convert cpanel backup to directadmin compatible backups and after that we can easily restore it.

The second case is when we don’t have SSH or root access; We will have to use the cPanel account to migrate the data without any tools.

For this, we will package the cPanel account first

Then download this file and change the configuration from a local machine and upload it to the DA server

This step includes creating the accounts as in the cPanel server and exporting the data from the local machine to the DA machine. Further, we will manually tweak the permission and configuration of website files and databases to make the site working as in the cPanel server. This is the second method of migration. In this case all the process are doing manually, so the administrator should have knowledge about the paths used in the Cpanel as well as directadmin.

You can contact us for doing the migration of accounts from cpanel to directadmin with minimal downtime and maximum perfection. Please get in touch with us for getting the quote for doing the same.

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