How to add Inbound and Outbound Mail Filtering using MailChannels

MailChannels Cloud is an SMTP relay service to filter out spammers from the network thus preventing the server IP from being listed in RBLs. It can help you to maintain a better IP reputation and makes sure the emails reach the exact destination successfully.

To integrate MailChannels with cPanel and to enable Inbound and Outbound filtering, the below steps will help.

  1. Login to WHM server as the root user
  2. From the command line, run the below command to install the MailChannels plugin

    && bash mailchannels-cpanel-v3-installer

  3. Open WHM > MailChannels Plugin > Update the API key
  4. From the Inbound drop-down, select the subscription and update
  5. After that, Outbound drop-down > update MailChannels id and password
  6. On MailChannels console > Inbound > Domains > Add New Domains 
  7. Enter the domain name and click Add
  8. Click on settings icon near to added domain and update the API key created for the domain
  9. On WHM panel, open MailChannels plugin and activate the domain for protection

Setting up DNS records for MailChannels

There should be an  MX record and an SRV record to be set for the MailChannels inbound filtering to work. For that, 

Open the DNS management page of the domain and add the below MX records MX TTL=300 Priority=10 MX TTL=300 Priority=10

 Add an SRV record as below

_mx._tcp priority=0 weight=0 port=25

Once the DNS is propagated, you can test the connections from the domain’s console 

Under ‘Configure Downstream Records’ click check.

Once the test becomes successful, you can start sending emails and check the header details to verify the filtering functionality. You should do this on a weekend of off-peak hours since it will affect the mailing. 

If you are not familiar with doing this, you can get in touch with our support for setting up the same. Or you can signup for cPanel Server Management and we will manage these things in the plan. 

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