Adding PHP modules with ntPHPselector

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Adding PHP modules with ntPHPselector

Post by ssanzperis »

I have several php versions installed on my server, and I switch between them with ntPHPselector.

Now I have to add a module to php. This is what it says in the FAQ from the vendors' website says:
Q: How to compile in a new module to additional PHPs ?
Ans: Add the additional module to default PHP via EA3. Then recompile the additional PHPs
The first step is done, and the default php installation has been recompiled with the needed modules in EasyApache. But I'm afraid to recompile the remaining installations from PHP with EA in case they are overwritten by newer versions or selected as the default. The manual of Easy Apache suggest that this could be the case, as it says:
How to change your PHP version To change the version of PHP on your server, select a version of PHP in the PHP Version stage of the EasyApache (Apache Update) interface (Home >> Software >> Easyapache (Apache Update)).
Because of this I recompiled the remaining php versions with the script, but my websites still cannot find the functions pertaining to the modules. Some extra info:
  • I executed the script like this (for php5.5): sh recompile 5
  • I wasn't the one to install ntPHPselector on the server. The only file I could find in the server with a similar name was ntphp_paperlantern.tar.gz that seems to be a package specifically for cpanel or something like that, no trace of the script, had to download it myself.
Does anybody know how EasyApache behaves in this respect? Can I recompile non-default php versions carelessly or will they be overwritten in some way? If not, what alternative can I use?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Adding PHP modules with ntPHPselector

Post by gnu.smtp »

You can add modules to all ntphp additional versions by following the procedure

1. Add all the needed php modules in main php version using easy apache. If you are changing the main php version, then you may need to re-install the ntphpselector
2. Once the needed modules are added in the main php versions , you need to recompile the versions as per the method you have mentioned.

If you are using custom php.ini under your accounts , you should add those extensions definitions in those php.ini's as well. else those will not be effective.

Please check if you are having any php.ini under the account for which you are trying after recompile. If yes try renaming them to php.ini.bak and see if it is getting detected .

If you still face issues, can you please get us the phpinfo.php for that account having issue. I may be able to help you in this case as I have been using the plugin in all my cpanel servers

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