DNS server question

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DNS server question

Post by Ashlin »

How can i create one DNS for multiple servers?

Just say I have 5 dedicated server with cPanel. Each dedicated server have its own IP address and each server have 100 websites hosted. so i have total 500 websites in this 5 dedicated severs. Now my question is how can I setup only one DNS for all this 5 Servers?

For example:
ns1.domainname.com IP: XXX.XXX.XXX.1
ns2.domainname.com IP: XXX.XXX.XXX.2

How can i setup this DNS in all 5 servers to work perfectly?

Please describe.


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Re: DNS server question

Post by Edward »

Better Create 2 seperate dns only cpanel servers and add the cpanel servers to this dns cluster.

https://documentation.cpanel.net/displa ... igurations

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