Office 365 Email service and SRV record

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Office 365 Email service and SRV record

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Our organization is using Office 365 but our website is hosting on cPanel server and DNS on the same server. Now In order to prove we own this domain at Office 365, we need to add a kind of SRV record which is mentioned in the link ... n-US&ad=US

I am little confused about these records?. How can I create such record type in a cPanel server?. Please advice.

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Re: Office 365 Email service and SRV record

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Log in to cPanel using the login details provided by your hosting company.

Click on "Advanced Zone Editor" under "Domains".

Record 'Type' select SRV from the dropdown.

Enter Name, TTL, Priority, Weight, Port and Target. Click on "Add Record" after entering these details.

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Re: Office 365 Email service and SRV record

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okay, to be more specific, below the point we need to remember while creating SRV records in cPanel

For Service and Protocol: If your DNS host doesn't provide these fields for SRV records, you must specify the Service and Protocol values as the record’s Name value.

So in short the we need to add entry like "_sip._tls" in the Name field.

I hope this will help you to sort out issue.

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