Trash Folder Under cPanel User Directory

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Trash Folder Under cPanel User Directory

Post by jamest »


I found that many of the cPanel domains account trash is not auto cleared and is taking up a lot of spaces. Is there a way to clear all the domain trash in cpanel?


Re: Trash Folder Under cPanel User Directory

Post by felix »


For emails, yes, you can auto delete "Trash" folder using below option.

"WHM Home » Service Configuration » Mailserver Configuration"

Enable the "Auto Expunge Trash" option and choose how long you want deleted email to remain on the server if you want to automatically empty the trash folders.

However, there are no native features available in cPanel at this moment for the "Trash" directory used for File Manager. The files in the trash for filemanager need to be manually deleted.

If you are looking for assistance in server management, please get in touch with our support.
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