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Is there a description which all things will this script cover ?

Posted: Sun Apr 24, 2016 7:41 am
by Edward

This script will do the below

Basic cPanel server hardening and checks
Change settings in Tweak Settings with best known options

Install additional applications like
Config Server Firewall (CSF ),
Config Server Mail Manage (CMM),
Config server Mail Queue Manager (CMQ),
Config Server Modsec Control (CMC) ,
Maldet Installation ,
Linux Socket Monitor,
Linux Environment Security

Tweak/harden Apache, cPanel, FTP, SSH, MySQL, CSF, PHP, etc

TMP hardening
Logrotate hardening
Daily Rkhunter scanning
rDNS Check
Disable unwanted processes
SYN FLOOD Kernel Tweak

We can Easily recover the old configuration as all configurations will be backup as conf_file.beforetweak before making changes to it. So you can compare the configurations if you want to check anything and revert back to old condition.

If you need custom server hardening or extensive hardening you can order the same from our new venture